R.V.S. is a no niche down website blog. I love variety and individuality. My interests are writing, technology, traditional art, computers and software. I have had a very healthy obsession with personal computers since the 90s. I enjoy playing video games because they challenge my thinking and my hand-eye coordination. Also, I like making beats and designs for print on demand products. Being creative relaxes me. I’m a proud introvert who thinks deeply, analyzes everything excessively and pays attention to details. I love spinning, which is indoor cycling taken up a notch to the next level. I don’t like negative naysayers they have no place in my world, sorry, good vibes only! I believe that attitude is destiny. If you think it and take action then you can achieve it. I have a YouTube channel, VscorpianC, and make tutorials and other videos that I enjoy sharing with people all around the world. In life you really should follow your heart and chase your dreams, not money. Do what you love and the money will find you. Love people and use money.

Disclaimer: Real Vibes Speak (R.V.S.) is a website/blog that may contain affiliate links, images or text links to products and services. Any sales will result in the owner of R.V.S. receiving a commission.

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