Your Words Become Your Reality

Your Words Have Power and Become Your Reality

Do you understand the power of your words? If you speak negative things then your reality will become negative, and if you speak positive words your reality becomes positive. God spoke everything into existence. Do not take my word for it, read the book of Genesis. We are made in God’s image and our words do have power. As a matter of fact our thoughts have power, so we must control our thoughts and the words we speak. We have the ability to change how we think and what we say.

We live in a world where there is good and bad, we have many valleys and peaks in life and sometimes it is a challenge to stay positive. This is why the Bible tells us to renew our minds. To change the words we speak we must start with how we think. This may take some time and effort, but it is well worth it. Staying positive will change how we speak and changing how we speak can change our lives.

Feelings, thoughts and words have a significant impact on our lives and the vibrations we send out into the universe.

When you open your eyes in the morning what are your thoughts? Are you excited about beginning a new day? Or do you dread the day ahead of you? Do you speak what you feel?

I used to doubt that changing your first thoughts will effect how your entire day begins and ends. Then I made a decision try. Admittedly, it took some time and practice. Each day it became easier to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Persistence worked.

Read Proverbs Daily

A great way to start each day with positive vibes and energy is to read scriptures. Read one proverb each and every day of the month. When you open your eyes begin your day by saying something good no matter how you feel. Open your Bible and read the proverb for that day. This is a good habit and a great way to feed your mind some very powerful thoughts. Speak the words out loud and send good vibes out into the world. Then get on with your day.

Make Your Words Impeccable

Start your day with good thoughts and let the first words you speak be inspired by God. As you go about your day be very mindful of the words that escape your mouth. Remember, that life and death are in the power of the tongue. What you say to others does matter. We never know for sure what the next person may be going through in their life, so always speak good things that will uplift. Think of it this way, let’s suppose a person is feeling extremely down and someone comes along and says something negative which makes them feel hopeless, those words will have an impact. On the other hand, if you speak words of wisdom that are positive and full of hope then that person’s attitude and mood can change for the better.

Are you the type of person who rants and raves when things are not going your way? Stop it! Think about the words that are coming out of your mouth and the negative vibrations that you are sending out into the universe. Okay, we all had these moments; stuck in traffic, late for an important meeting, you get the idea, but that does not give us the right to spurt out our unhealthy energy. Learn to control the words that are coming out of your mouth. Practice thinking about what you will say before you say it.

Unfortunately, it is the people who are closest to us that usually spread the negative vibes. The culprits could be family, friends or co-workers who always have an unwarranted opinion that they should keep to themselves. People say the meanest things sometimes. Do not be that person! Have you ever heard the saying, if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all? Practice speaking positive vibes only.

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