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Learning how to create patterns using text to image prompts is interesting to say the least. I’ve been using an image generator that uses Stable Diffusion and I’ve played around with Stable Diffusion. Patterns are in demand because they are used for everything from book covers to bed covers to shower curtains and desktop wallpaper the list goes on and on. Over the years making nicely tiles patterns or unique and interesting designs to use as patterns took a lot of time and patience. Vector graphic software such as Inkscape could be used but there was and still is a learning curve in using a vector editor. The idea of creating repeatable, tiled, patterns using text to image generators is promising. But, it does take time and patience, and trial and error to find the right prompts.

To create patterns using Stable Diffusion first you need to give some thought to what it is you would like to see. In the above image I chose a white rose, floral pattern with intricate details, etc. and it took a few tries to get the result that you see; which I really do like. I have made quite a few very nice seamless patterns using A.I. generative art. It is probably good to tell you that the first few tries produced crap because I was not writing good prompts. Here are some of the text prompts that finally gave me some really nice results.

A Cute Puppy Pattern

First the puppy in the circle was created with a text prompt and it came out amazing. Next the puppy was up-scaled, turned into a seamless pattern and then tiled. The image you see does have a few slight imperfections that a bit of cloning would clean up very nicely.


Generate Beautiful Seamless Repeatable Patterns with A.I.

If you would like to try the text prompts that I used to create the sample floral pattern then use prompts like these:

Beautiful rose flowers, red, blue, craft paper, wild flowers, intricate details, –tile –stylize 1250 — creative –s20000 –v3

Beautiful violet flower, bright yellow craft paper, intricate details, wildflower, –seamless pattern –stylize 1250 –creative –220000 –v3

Beautiful dolphin, bright blue, pink, craft paper, vibrant colors, intricate details, fish, –seamless pattern, — stylize 1250 — creative –s20000 –v3

Clean mug, mock up, poster mockups, white background, photo realistic

Beautiful kitten, bright golden, white, on pink craft paper, vibrant colors, intricate details, kitten, cat, –seamless pattern –stylize 1250 –creative –s20000 -v3

Subject – Location – Action – Time – Lighting – Camera Settings – Shot type – Mood

Sample Prompt List

African – Asian – Latin – Indian – Italian – French – Nordic – Hatian – Cape Verdean – Irish

Doctor – teacher – nurse – firefighter – police officer – dentist – student – boxer – chef – bouncer – banker – bus driver- mailman – farmer – landscaper – writer – fitness trainer – pilot – father – mother – graphic designer – news reporter – scientist – cowboy – surfer – hipster – engineer – rapper – taylor – seamstress – entrepreneur – car dealer

Oval eyes – racoon eyes – slanted eyes – bulging eyes – chinky eyes – round eyes – cartoon eyes

Thin nose – wide nose – crooked nose – hook nose – pointy nose – flat nose

Tall – short – chubby – thin – fit – curvy – muscular – midget

Future – past – wild west – 1800s – space – galaxy – time capsule – portal

House – building – school – hospital – lab – store – beach – park – yard – playground – street

Car – cell phone – books – television – computer – laptop – toys – garden tools

Hopefully you are getting a feel for the types of descriptions to try, it can be a bit confusing if you put too too much thought into it. Allow your mind and creative energy to flow freely. Before writing out your text prompts try jotting down descriptive words that come to mind when you think about what you imagine. What do you see? What colors are there? Is it brightly lit or dim? Ask yourself questions like these to draw out the answers which will help you “tell” or “teach” the A.I. generator of your choice how to create what you want to see.

Remember that you are the human being and the computer is, well, a machine.

Yeah, Real Vibes Speak!

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