Change Your Mindset and Change Your Destiny

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Do you believe that your mindset matters? What are your beliefs about personal change and growth? There are different types of mindsets, a positive mindset is likely to be included with other types. A growth mindset is positive thinking, and you believe that hard work can develop your abilities. Learn about neuroplasticity, the human brains ability to change to develop a growth mindset. You can improve your life because we all have the power and ability to change our brain and mindset. The issue concerning the possibility of (positive) change over a life-time in personal characteristics could be dichotomised as an optimistic vs pessimistic, idealist vs realist or essentialists vs non essentialist difference (Haslam et al., 2004).

The Growth Mindset

The positive mindset is one that is optimistic, grateful and tends to focus on the good things. This attitude increases positive emotions. If you are always looking at the bad or negative aspects of life then your mood will be unpleasant. The broaden and build theory of positive emotion suggests that positive emotions build on themselves, eventually leading to things like professional and relationship success (Fredrickson, 2004).

Developing a positive mindset will help you achieve your goals. If you believe that you can learn new skills then you will put forth the effort needed. You will challenge yourself to do better. What you think affects how you feel and your emotions, negative or positive, will impact your behavior. Practicing thought exercises can be extremely beneficial.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Today things are constantly changing, adapting and coping can be difficult when there is so much uncertainty. An entrepreneurial mindset can be very effective for anyone not just those who aspire to become entrepreneurs. Developing this mindset can be invaluable. According to a whitepaper on entrepreneurial mindset (Gold & Rodriguez, 2018), this mindset is made up of several important skills which include; critical thinking, comfort with risk, self-reliance, adaptability and creativity.

Long gone are the days when the norm was repetition. Modern day life is fast moving and unpredictable. Having a fixed mindset limits the opportunity for growth and success.

Your Mindset is Powerful

Beliefs determine your mindset and how you view the world and your experiences in life. Your mindset is influenced by your subconscious. Thoughts shape your beliefs and values. According to Dweck, there are two basic mindsets: fixed and growth (Cherry, 2022). The fixed mindset believes that you are what you are and cannot change therefore effort is not necessary. On the other hand the growth mindset is forward thinking and positive. You believe that with time and effort you can grow and develop. These are contrasting mindsets, fixed tends to be more negative which can have unhealthy affects on well-being, and a growth mindset is full of energy and hopefulness.

Is your mindset holding you back? Do you feel like you will always be just as you are today? Learn to focus on your thoughts with activities that boost your brain power. Challenge yourself to change your beliefs and mindset and success, happiness and emotional well-being is sure to manifest itself in your life.


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