How to Install Automatic 1111 WebUI

How to Install Automatic 1111 WebUI

If you want to use Stable Diffusion on your laptop or personal computer then you need to do 3 things to get started. First you have to download Python 3.10.6, Git 2.42.02 and Automatic 1111. Next, you install each and edit a Python file. When you install Python 3.10.6 you must check and enable the “python to path”. Installing Git 2.42.02 64 bit is easy, just leave all the default settings. Git is the application that is used to download Automatic 1111 to your PC.

  1. Python 3.10.6 download – scroll to the bottom of the page and select “windows installer 64 bit”.
  2. Git 2.42.02 download – scroll down and follow the installation for Windows
  3. The Automatic 1111 WebUI address is (follow instructions below)

NOTE: This is the Automatic Installation on Windows link for Stable Diffusion
  1. Install Python 3.10.6 (Newer version of Python does not support torch), checking “Add Python to PATH”.
  2. Install git.
  3. Download the stable-diffusion-webui repository, for example by running git clone
  4. Run webui-user.bat from Windows Explorer as normal, non-administrator, user.


In Windows Explorer create a new folder, this is where you will put all of the files. Name the new folder “A1111”. While you are still in the explorer click into the address bar and click in it, then with the cursor in the address bar of the explorer type CMD and press enter. A “terminal” window will pop up – this is a DOS type window with a black background and text. In this window you will see a prompt to the directory and folder you just created; e.g., c:/documents/A1111. In the terminal window type “Git clone” to copy and paste the Stable Diffusion webui respiratory to the folder that you created.

Depending on your computer resources this may take a little time, and when it is finished navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer and look for a file named “webui-user.bat” (it should be near the bottom of the list of files) and click it to view it in Explorers pane. This is a Windows batch file. Next, go to windows apps and open up NotePad. Drag and drop the webui-user.bat file into NotePad to open it and edit it as follows. In the “set commandline_ARGS” type a space then type –xformers then type another space and type –autolaunch, type another space and type –lowvram then save the file. In NotePad go to File >Save, then close NotePad.

So, the line of code you just added should look like this: “Set Commandline_ARGS” –xformers –autolaunch –lowvram

This does 3 things, it speeds up the generations, it will launch the browser window when you start A1111 and the last line is for a video card with 10gigs so you don’t have any issues.



Note: If you do not edit the webui-user file then when you start A1111 you will have to manually open a browser and go to the localURL – “” After you install everything go to the A1111 folder and navigate the “webui-user.bat” file and double click it to open and start Automatic 1111 WebUI; the first time you do this it will download the files then open in a new Tab in your Web Browser, i.e., Firefox, Chrome, etc. The first time you start A1111 the terminal will install “Torch” then it will download models and checkpoints.


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