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Writing Text Prompts Makes you Think

One of the things that I really enjoy about text to image generators is how we must use our minds. We have to use words and describe things using more than emoji’s or acronyms. It can help improve your spelling and vocabulary as you being to be more creative and learn new words. The other thing is being able to see my images get better as my prompts do.

There is a lot to learn, but the basics are easy enough for anyone to give it a try. If you do some research and watch a few YouTube videos you will get a good feel for this Artificial Intelligence art. It might not be for everyone, however, it is nice to know that many more creative minded individuals especially disabled persons have the opportunity to be creative. Before long it will be the new norm, as we begin to see more and more a.i. art the buzz and shock, awe and confusion will slowly fade.

It is a good idea to start reading up on topics like Stable Diffusion, and follow the trends and changes. Like most stuff once this technology becomes the norm and we cannot live without it (a little pun intended) the free generators will disappear. Right now it’s still fairly new so there are a lot of new companies or developers popping up so you have to be careful too. A piece of computer generated art one a contest and another piece sold for 69 Million dollars, so, yeah digital and A.I. art are definitely making there mark and are here to stay.

Okay, so my first few pieces really sucked! Of course when I generated them they were masterpieces in my eyes. When you can see your own growth or improvement in anything in life it is a really rewarding feeling. As I started viewing A.I. art on Etsy and other sites my mind began to open up to the possibilities. With a little studying I quickly put the dots together and was able to understand the whole “text prompt engineering” concept. Stable Diffusion is what I’ve been focused on learning because it is open source and I love and have used OSS for decades. The prompting tips that I’ve learned and have tried out certainly have made a huge difference in the images that I have generated. The learning curve is a bit steep and the desktop software is resource, graphics, hog. So first things first. I want to get better at writing text prompts, build up a catalog of prompts and images.

Although there are many background removal tools online the best results, in my opinion, still come from manually using the bezier path tool, and sometimes mask. This gives cleaner edges and ensures that there are no stray pixels or semi-transparent ones lingering.

Coming soon, some of the text prompt tips I use…

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