A.I. Cartoon Portraits

Traditional Art vs Image Generators

The picture of the puppy above was created from a hand drawn sketch that was scanned into the computer. Then the paper sketch was cleaned up, inked and colored in GIMP an open source Image Manipulation program, (GIMP is often referred to as the no cost alternative to Photo Shop).

Below there are some cartoon profiles that were made by using Canva’s text to image app. Artificial intelligence seems to have a problem with generating facial features. The eyes and mouth tend to be distorted, but this can be corrected in any photo editing program. Or with better text prompts.

Each A.I. generated images below were edited in a GIMP. Using a digital photo editor to manually remove the background to isolate an image over a white or a transparent b.g. is more accurate. There were other areas in each of the A.I. cartoon profiles that were easily fixed with the clone brush, the smear brush and the dodge and burn tool. With a bit of patience images created with text to image generators can be fixed and enhanced.

Pros and Cons of Computer Generated Art

There is a great deal of concern over the use of image generators that use text prompts to scrape the Internet to produce computer generated artwork. This new technology is quickly becoming the new norm, creators are using A.I. art for everything. What’s interesting is that anyone can now enjoy seeing their ideas come to life without any artistic skills, all you need to do is describe what you envision. This is great for individuals with disabilities and seniors. Digital artist can use A.I. art with photography and traditional art to create unique compositions.

The downside to such powerful technology is how some people may use it. This can be a slippery slope and the possibilities of misinformation and deception are possible. As we delve into this new era hopefully the rights of artist and copyrights will be respected. Either way it is more than obvious that machine learning has evolved and the technology will continue to advance. Personally, I believe that staying true to self and your own imaginations and ideas will produce amazing artwork.


Is Artificial Intelligence Art Replacing Traditional Artist

No! Absolutely not all forms of art begin in the artist mind. Before a painter begins painting does he have an idea of what he wants to produce, yes. So he picks up the right paint brush, wets it with the color paint he would like to use and begins to create and bring his vision to life with each stoke of the brush on the canvas. The digital artist may take their graphic pen and begin designing their art, a graffiti artist may pick out can’s of spray paint, hopefully you see my point of view. You need not agree with it, but it’s a pretty valid point.

Artworks date so far back, think of all the places where there are carvings on walls. Symbols and pieces of art were used to express ideas and share with others. Art is a form of communication. Unique and original artistic creations whether they begin with artificial intelligence or chalk or a number five pencil will always stand out and on their own.

It is cool as shit do admire another artist works but it is not cool to desire to be exactly like someone else, be yourself, use your own mind and ideas. A.I. art is a great starting point for creative minded individuals. Expand and grow your ai artwork by using your imagination to its fullest potential. You may be surprised at what you come up with.

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