Is Canva’s Image Generator Free

Canva’s Text to Image Generator is Free to Use

This was one of the first A.I. art generators that I tried and I was blown away with my first images even though they really sucked. It was the idea of thinking up some text to describe what I wanted to see and then seeing “something” that really got me. The image above was created in Canva for free and with absolutely no clue what I was doing. It intrigued me enough that I simply wanted to try it, but I did not want to jump on the MidJourney bandwagon. And I certainly did not want to invest in something that I knew nothing about, and as Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank would say – I just wanted to wet my beak.

In order to try out Canva’s A.I. text to image generator I did have to create an account, if you use email you will get a code whenever you sign in, and you can use the features that are free. Canva’s Image Generator app is one of the free features at this time. So, I logged in and began typing in text prompts. The first problem was coming up with ideas off the top of my head, but I managed to come up with a few lame prompts. To be honest a couple of the results were not too bad, but most were really bad or did not come close to what I had intended.

Do Better Prompts Make Better A.I. Art in Canva Free Version

The images generated by artificial intelligence on Canva, even with better prompts that are more descriptive and organized when compared to other generators that I’ve tried since beginning this journey are lacking in quality. However, what I find Canva’s text to image generator very good for is generating patterns in decent sizes that you can download as .jpg or .png or .pdf which can be used for many types of projects.

To be fair I have not spent enough time playing around with Canva’s A.I. art generator to understand how to get the most out of it, I’m sure it can produce really nice art. Most generators can kick out some decent artwork. I have been fascinated with Stable Diffusion which is open source.

The fact that you can use Canva’s free account to create 100 ai artworks daily makes it worthwhile to learn and use especially for beginners. I do use Canva for some other things and dabble with the text to image feature from time to time but for now it’s not my first choice.

Would I Recommend Using Canva’s A.I. Generator

If you are new to this text to image generation art stuff then you might want to sign up for a free account and test it out. That is just my suggestion and what I do recommend as I’ve always done is that you do your due diligence before jumping into anything new and unfamiliar. Do some reading up and watch a few YouTube videos on the topic of artificial intelligence art to get a basic understanding of how all this techie stuff works.

Always, always take the time to read the Terms of Service (TOS), yeah it may be long, boring and feel like punishment but it’s worth it to know what you are getting into. So many people just click the “accept” button and skip the reading…not a good idea, just saying.

With that said, I would highly suggest trying Canva’s A.I. Generator because it did help me get started, Canva is reputable and has been around for years and it was easy to use.

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